Museum wanderings

Welcome back!

Hey guys! I hope you have all have had a fab Christmas, and that exams were not too horrendous! I am currently writing this on the train to Glasgow so I’ll be quick – this is just a short post to say hey we’re back, and we are planning lots of exciting things!

A few days ago, we had a very interesting and exciting wander around the vaults in the restricted sections of the museum. This was a great chance to see specimens that the average person will never see, and realise the sheer diversity and breadth of the collection here at the Manchester Museum. Most of the collections here originate from the 1980-90s, so some of the specimens are quite worn – but the museum are keen to preserve and restore many of them to use as educational tools for conservationists in the future.


Here, we learnt a variety of facts from the curators who led the session, especially concerning skull morphology, as there were a lot of amazing ones in the storerooms! For example, dolphins have their nostrils on the top of their skulls as; during development, their jaws were elongated and consequently their nasal bones pushed to the back of their head. Cool, huh? 😀



We are currently in the process of organising more museum trips with different curators in their various departments – such as an entomology tour and a vivarium / frog related session! AND… our big excursion event will be announced soon so keep an eye out! It will be amazing and feature lots of cute and cuddly animals – I promise!

Thanks for reading! Jen 😀

(Photos from the ZooSoc committee)


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