Vivarium visits

We all love frogs…

The curator of herpetology – Andrew Gray – gave us a talk about the Manchester Museum Vivarium on Wednesday! He spoke about his research projects at the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre, and some of the educational projects he has been involved in, such as Learning with Lucy – a campaign to highlight the plight of the critically endangered lemur leaf frog project. Andrew’s blog – the Frog Blog – gives us regular updates on the fieldwork, education, and husbandry of these amazing amphibians!

Websites worth checking out:

Costa Rica Amphibian Research Centre:

Learning with Lucy:

Frog blog:

We also got to meet some of the frogs (cue cool pictures):


It was really interesting to find out that Andrew was involved in Planet Earth helping them to capture Spurrell’s leaf frog gliding in the wild, and that David Attenborough came to the vivarium a couple of years ago to see the frogs!

Thanks for reading!

I take no credit for this – synopsis by Charlotte Castle, and internal photos by Emma Buckley and Kayleigh Lee-Simion

cover photo – Sir David Attenborough with the lemur Leaf frog – taken from the Learning with Lucy project.


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